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6 lessons for $195
Skype Bass Lessons are now available!
Technique. Theory. Soloing. Walking. Building Bass Lines.

*The Skype lesson rate is $40 per hour
Email info@jasonrasomusic.com to book a lesson!

Bass and Guitar Lessons in Guelph area

Bass Lessons:
30 minutes - $22
1 hour - $40

Jason has been teaching bass guitar for over 20 years. He teaches a wide variety of styles including jazz, funk, rock and blues. Jason is also well versed in several techniques including slap and pop, tapping and palm muting. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Jason can help you reach your musical goals. 

Guitar Lessons (Acoustic and Electric):
30 minutes - $22
1 hour - $40

Jason has been teaching guitar for over 10 years. Beginner to intermediate levels. All styles. 

Group Lessons:
$60 per hour
Take your band to the next level. Jason will travel to your jam spot (Guelph/KW area only) and work directly with your group. Topics include improvisation, communication, theory etc.

If you are interested in booking a lesson or clinic you can email Jason at

*Jason also teaches weeknights at Long & McQuade in Guelph. Call Monique at 519-763-6709 for rates and availability.

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