Slingshot (2013) CD
  • Slingshot (2013) CD
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"Bassist/guitarist doubler composer Jason Raso is back with a grooving, swinging, bumping outing with his sexy quartet. This time, the new thing is called Slingshot, and it features seven tasty Raso penned tunes and an eighth written by saxophonist Brent Rowan. This time out, Jason focuses on his 4-string, fretted Spector Coda bass and leaves the polyphony to keybardist Thomas Hammerton, while he and drummer Adam Bowman keep the groove slippery, sultry and, at times, utterly stinky!

Check out Bowman’s contribution to “All That Democracy Jazz”. Yeah! Good feel on this one! Both “Dip & Dodge” and “The Mind Wanders” show Jason bringing it home in sharp fashion. Jason has wonderful tone that notes an honesty and love for the music he’s playing that I appreciate! This record has 0 filler throughout, and each of the players truly contribute to the sound of the quartet. I live for the sound and feel of the musical esprit de corps I hear throughout this recording. I’d love to see this project live! Must hear tunes: Dip & Dodge, My Mind Wanders, All That Democracy Jazz"

Bass Frontiers

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