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Columnist for Canadian Musician Magazine & Promo Man for Ultimate Basses. Jason proudly endorses Fodera Basses, Aguilar Amplification, and D'Addario Strings.

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Jason Raso Interview in Bass Musician Magazine! 

I am very proud to be included in Bass Musician Magazine's (January 2015) "Why Is Music Important (The Panel Experiment)" along side great players like Ed Lucie, Steve Jenkins, Jimmy Haslip, Brent-Anthony Johnson and more! Click on the image to read the interview...

Thank you Stevie Wonder! 

Growing up in the 80's I obviously knew who Stevie Wonder was. Songs like "I Just Called to Say I Love You" and "Part Time Lover" were big hits. I knew he was a big deal, but I didn't really know how big. In the 90's I had a part time job at the mall, which basically supported my music buying habit. During that time I was probably HMV's best customer! One of my purchases was a Motown box set. I remembered my Dad listening to Motown stuff and I thought I should check it out. Of all the artists included Stevie jumped out the most to me. His songs were so good. I needed to hear more. Within a month or two I bought every album. First was "Talking Book", then "Innervisions," and then "Songs In the Key of Life." I just loved (and still love) these albums so much. Hearing Stevie (and a mind blowing band) perform the entire "Key of Life" album last night was truly amazing. I feel honoured to have been there.

Feeling inspired, this morning's practice was based on some changes from "As." Thank you Stevie!

*header photo by Tony Saxon